Sunday, 31 January 2016

Append Services The Secret Ingredient

All organizations are required to create and maintain a database of current and potential customer details for business purposes. The major purpose of doing so is email marketing.

Email marketing is a traditional method of marketing which still hold the first place of giving the maximum ROI. Being a highly direct and prompt method of communication to the customers, businesses look out for it when trying to expand.

Email Append Services is a great way to collate the customer details and use it for the marketing purpose with due permissions of the respective email address holders. Thus, it gives a great boost to the sales figure as well as encouraging increase traffic to the website.

From the above statistics, it is quite clear that email marketing is still the king, when it comes to marketing!

When it comes to B2B marketing, it proves the best choice. It still is the most preferred choice of channel in business communications. Email marketing is the most direct and immediate way to reach out to your customers. 

When you think of expanding your market options and expect exceptional communications gains, you would need verified, authentic and correct email addresses of customers. 

How to fill in the missing data from your database?
Here is where email appending services come into play. 

What exactly is “Email Appending”? 

Email Appending, or E-appending is a marketing practice where the existing customer data (name, postal address) are mapped to the vendor’s list so that the missing information – email address – could be obtained. Email appending is one-of-a-kind service which lets you update or attach the email addresses of the existing customers or prospects which are missing from your database.
Half information won’t give you the desired results. 

Having complete knowledge of how your customers can be reached out to is vital. The wholesome information allows developing a strong information base which would, in the long run, help retain the customers and their loyalty. Communication gaps must be avoided at all times. 

This, however, would not be obtained without proper permissions. A permission seeking email is send to the customer as a part of the e-append process in which the deliver-ability request is sought. Customers are triggered to opt-in for further communication through the same email regarding specific products or services. 

Email Append Service comes with quite many benefits which could be enlisted below:

  • There will be striking jump in the sales figures.
  • It is one of the most cost-effective methods of creating your database.
  • With correct, consistent and prompt email communications, the number of potential customers could be amplified.
  • Encouraging the customers to visit the website could be achieved at a lower cost.
  • With authentic emails of potential custome rs in hand, conversion time for market testing of any service or product would be quicker.
  • E-appending services allow to carefully turn the single channel customers into ones with multiple channel strategies. 
Email appending is one of the only few niche services which allows B2B customer communication at the greatest ease. This also ensures that the online and offline data are joined strategically making your marketing activity touch greater boundaries.

9 Reasons to Invest In Phone Append Services

Every business would require quite a lot of research and hard work to collate the customer data in a way of a database. Why?

Databases help the marketing activities run smoothly.

For successful campaigns, businesses need to integrate business or customer database following which the direct marketing would give desired results.

In the US, almost 87% of the organizations have databases with partial customer details.

How do you think these are collected and consolidated?

With years of collection through various sources like direct mail, website, promotions, events, telemarketing and more, the database becomes a mix of a wide range of customer data which has few critical data missing in each contact field. For example, a customer’s name, email address and postal address are available with the organization but the phone number is missing. Similarly, sometimes, only the phone number and name is available whereas other details aren’t available.

Phone append service is used where either you have the phone number but the other details are missing or when the details but you need the phone number to complete the contact details. The former is known as the Reverse Phone Append while the latter one is the regular Phone Append Service.

There are various companies in the world which offer append services which expedite various campaigns by providing the missing data. With more valid data, better results could be achieved.
So let us read on as to why you must invest in Phone Append Services to improve your direct marketing services.

1.                   Old Contacts Gets Restored
You could get your hands on the latest customer details including name, phone, email ID, mailing address, state, etc. This helps in reviving the lost contact with your old customers. The updated list will eve help to reach out to the ones who have moved out.

2.                   Newer avenues to marketing
When the contact list is updated at all fronts, there are more ways in which it could be targeted. A multi-channel marketing strategy could be applied by mixing email, direct mail and telemarketing activities, thus urging better customer participation and retention rates.

3.                   Higher response rates
Lesser chances of mails being left undelivered, more chances of response and thus increased savings on overheads like print and postage.

4.                   Cleaner and accurate data
No data redundancy, removal of obsolete data and correction of the available data are few of benefits of cleaning the data.

5.                   Cut on the cost and resources; gain competitive advantage
A plethora of records are accessible with the least possible efforts of collecting and collating them. Also, when the database is up-to-date and right content is delivered to the prospects, you have an edge.

6.                   Quicker upgrade
Vendors providing appending services provide append rates of 30-70% for email, phone, fax, address and reverse appending. Based on your database, it shortens the time taken to start your 360 degree marketing campaign.

7.                   Boost data integrity
Appending services give you a holistic database of all the details including the demographics, income, credit score, etc. This, in turn, gives you a better view of the market and thus you can plan campaigns accordingly.

8.                   Verified details
The appended records available are provided after thorough checking and a 100% guarantee of delivery is made, ensuring higher success rates for marketing campaigns.

9.                   Economical
In a couple of dollars, thousands of records are available to be appended. When you compare that with the costs incurred for collating data, phone or reverse phone append is a cheaper way to generate ROI!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


The power of e-mail marketing can only be felt more strongly with every passing of the day. E-mail marketing has revolutionized the style of marketing adopted by businesses. It helps businesses to convey their ideas and information way faster than earlier. However, in order to leverage the power of e-mail marketing optimally, businesses need to have the correct database of users. It (i.e. the database) should contain the correct e-mail addresses of clients. The e-mail addresses thus contained should be duly verified, validated and updated as well. When it comes to e-mail marketing, businesses should have the right knowledge of e-mail appending as well. Let us explore how e-mail appending facilitates B2B marketing and B2B Contact list – but not before finding out what e-mail appending exactly is.

What is e-mail Appending?

Very simply put, e-mail appending refers to the use of existing client data like name, postal address etc and mapping the same with the vendors’ list to secure e-mail addresses. The existing client databases might not have the updated e-mail addresses and without the correct ids businesses cannot reach out to their clients. Thanks to the e-mail appending services, businesses can now do away with the problem. The e-mail appending service providers can attach and up to date all the addresses contained in the existing client database.

How can e-mail appending help businesses?

Needless to say, e-mail appending has emerged as a powerful technique which helps businesses to stay in touch with their clients. Sending across the right information across the right people is vital to your business success. There are definite dangers of sending across the wrong information to the wrong clients. It not only results in waste of time but decreased productivity as well. However, with the e-mail appending services, businesses can aim for stronger multi-channel strategies by reaching out to the right B2B clients. Sales, as such, are likely to be boosted as well.

How should you select an agency offering e-mail appending services?

There are several agencies offering e-mail appending services. However, you should be prudent enough to select a firm only after you have investigated the credentials of the companies thoroughly before investing. It is very important on your part to ensure that you are turning to both offline and online reviews in order to find out about the pros and cons of different agencies. Does the company have the proven track record of providing quality services to B2B marketers? What are their clients saying?