Monday, 6 February 2017

7 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Automotive Marketing

When it comes to using automotive marketing using email append services, many companies fail to enjoy the desired results due to some common mistakes that they make. Here is a look at seven common mistakes that are often made by an automotive marketing company. 

  • While it is alright to appeal to a prospective customer by making use of the information provided in automotive mailing lists, an automotive marketer still needs to follow up with the prospective customer on a regular basis so as to arouse interest in him or her. Many automotive marketers simply stop getting in touch with a prospective customer when they see that a mail sent recently to him or her failed to incite the expected response. Many times, customers respond late and only after multiple email campaigns and requests and so it only makes good sense to keep in touch with the customer.
  • Another common mistake that is often performed by an automotive marketer while making use of an automotive mailing list is that they often focus on quantity instead of quality. In other words, they are often more hell bent on garnering maximum traffic for their online sites without actually thinking of improving the quality of the customer’s experience. This often leads to little sales conversions after reaching out to a large number of prospective customers. While it is important to generate greater traffic for maximum sales, it is also important to ensure that the customers have a positive experience with the brand as that will help them to garner greater number of sales.
  • When it comes to automotive marketing, it is never appropriate to follow a single strategy for all the customers. Different customers have different needs and expectations when they are looking to buy a car and therefore every marketing campaign should be set up in a unique way so as to have the desired response from a specific customer.
  • An email append service can only help to generate the best marketing results if the marketing team regularly keeps track of the general statistics and return on investment. Whether the marketing team is looking to implement some new marketing methods or capitalize on the old ones, it is necessary to make use of such readings and statistics to evaluate the results of the marketing efforts as that can allow in improving the marketing techniques.     
  • While creating the content of the email marketing campaigns, it is necessary to focus on the needs and priorities of the prospective car buyer and provide answers to the questions that they may have in mind. This can only be done when email marketing campaigns using auto warranty lists are also backed with proper customer research. 
  • The marketing team should consider both male and female prospective car buyers as equal and create the campaigns accordingly. 
  • Every email marketing campaigns should also be backed up by social media as most customers nowadays choose to consult various social media networks before making a purchasing decision. 

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